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    5/5 非常好

    • 讚好:整潔度、員工與服務、住宿狀況及設施和客房舒適度

    於 6月 2019住了 1 晚


    • 讚好:整潔度、住宿狀況及設施和客房舒適度
    • 不滿意:員工與服務

    Beware of scam attempts

    This place is really beautiful and the facilities are great, especially the heated pool. We actually enjoyed our stay; which is why it pains me so much how it ended. The staff was trying to basically scam us. We were checking out really early. We booked our taxi to the airport days before, and the receptionist told us it will cost 700K VND. I gave them my credit card to cover the bill. Their card reader appeared to not work—and we’ve been traveling in south east Asia for 2 weeks by then and I used my credit card in every single hotel by then without a problem—they said their Internet connection was bad. It was taking so long that we were afraid we will miss our flight, so I left them my credit card information. We were in the taxi when the reception called me and asked to withdraw the amount in cash and give it to the driver (!) –and it was a little over 6 million VND. Ok, fine, we did that. We stopped at an ATM in the middle of the night. I just gave the driver 7 million VND for the hotel and forfeited the change. We gave the driver 700,000 VND as well for the taxi. When back in NYC I got the email when the hotel claimed we I’ve them still over 2 million VND, and that they paid for the taxi (a total lie). I had the receipt which was printed after they checked the minibar and everything, and obviously we didn’t add anything to it after checking out at 4am. Do not fall for the credit card reader trick and give them cash! They will try to geT more money out of you! Outrageous

    於 11月 2019住了 3 晚


    • 讚好:整潔度和住宿狀況及設施

    GOOD- House keeping was great. I had a big spider in my room and a little old lady came and took it away. Very secluded and quiet, great for a get away from all the noise. Rooms and view was beautiful. BAD- Communication was very hard because alot of the staff dont speak english. Liquor choices are very limited and for some bottles, you have to buy the whole bottle to drink it. Food was very expensive but flavor was very bland. Need more variety on the menu. How are you in vietnam and not have a vietnamese menu on the weekdays???? You get a very limited vietnamese menu on the weekend. Smh😫. The resort also has no gift shop or any shop. I needed a sandal and also needed some allergy medicine and there was none to be found. The only way was to get a taxi and go down to town which cost about 500,000 vnd which equals to about 20 usd. Also, you have to pay a ticket fee to go back up to the mountain resort, which cost about 200,000 vnd.

    於 10月 2019住了 3 晚

    5/5 非常好

    • 讚好:整潔度、員工與服務、住宿狀況及設施和客房舒適度

    於 10月 2019住了 1 晚

    5/5 非常好

    • 讚好:整潔度、員工與服務、設施服務和住宿狀況及設施

    Everything was excellent. Very nice experience and wonderfull staff!!!

    於 8月 2019住了 2 晚