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1 間睡房, 1 間浴室, 可住 5 人
50 平方米
臥室 1
    1 張標準雙人床及 1 張單人床
客廳 1
    1 張標準雙人梳化床


舒適公寓, 1 間臥室

  • 50 平方米
  • 1 間睡房
  • 1 間浴室
  • 最多可入住 5 人 (包括小童在內)
  • 1 張標準雙人床, 1 張單人床及 1 張標準雙人梳化床


5 分評分,優異;7 篇評價中有 1 篇
5 - 優異 14%
4 分評分,不錯;7 篇評價中有 3 篇
4 - 不錯 43%
3 分評分,不錯;7 篇評價中有 1 篇
3 - 不錯 14%
2 分評分,差;7 篇評價中有 2 篇
2 - 差 29%
1 分評分,很差;7 篇評價中有 0 篇
1 - 很差 0%









2/5 差

Muchas unidades y telarañas falta de menaje e iluminación
於 2019 年 1 月住了 4 晚

4/5 不錯

Ideal location.
The apartment is ideally placed in the heart of Pimlico and had all the amenities you would expect. It was clean and provided more than adequate accommodation for my business trip but would be an excellent base for a family exploring London. I would use this apartment in the future.
於 2019 年 1 月住了 3 晚

4/5 不錯

Before booking, make sure you read all the details about the apartments, so that you know what you get. Most complains I've read in the reviews are because people didn't read the description. The check-in is quick and efficient, and you're given printed directions with a small map on where your apartment is (15-minute walk in our case). Definitely inconvenient that you don't know which apartment you get until you actually check in. We were given a basement apartment, which at first disappointed me, but once we were inside, it wasn't all that bad. Rather modest furnishing, but all that you need is there (kitchen w/water cooker, oven, microwave, etc.) - the internet isn't working so well and the TV was reset every time I switched it off. But you're not in London to sit inside anyway. Too bad we had a single bedroom with 4 beds - we ordered 2 separate bedrooms. Overall conclusion? It's not a 4-star thing, but I think it's value for money. Improvement tips? First of all, inform about which apartment you get. Secondly, make it a bit more cozy inside. A mirror in the hallway, some pictures on the wall, etc.
於 2018 年 12 月住了 3 晚

2/5 差

Look elsewhere
As a first time London visitor, I made a mistake thinking this was in Westminster! It’s in Pimlico. The room is located at the bottom floor. You can look out from your bedroom window and see the sidewalk. There’s a weird smell (perhaps mold?) as you walk down the stairs. There’s water damage on the walls and some of the paint were peeling. We can’t help but feel like we’re in a dungeon. Not enough ventilation in the room and only form of AC is a stand alone fan which was covered in dust. The bathtub/shower is slow to drain and had to wait until it fully emptied until I rinsed. I’m 5”3 and my head almost touch the ceiling. After a long day of sightseeing, we dread coming back to the apartment. I have 2 kids and they felt the same way. The place didn’t feel cozy & fully clean. One hiccup that happened during our stay was that we received a call from the appt employee that an engineer needed to come in and inspect the apartment. Seriously? It’s 3:00 pm and we’re still out enjoying ourselves and some stranger is coming in the place while our belongings were in there? I gave them permission as no valuables were left anyway. But imagine if there were! The neighborhood is not that great nor family friendly. Floors are clean, hardwood and the fridge is in good order which were the only good things to say about to say. I’m glad we only stayed for a few days and so relieved when our Uber picked us up to the airport!
於 2018 年 8 月住了 3 晚

3/5 不錯

Wouldn’t stay here again
The flat was fine. Nothing fancy and had everything we needed. But it had water damage all over the walls and ceilings. With a hole in the ceiling as well. You could barely stand in the shower and it had mold all over the roof.
於 2018 年 7 月住了 3 晚


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