重要通知:此地點可能有新型冠狀病毒肺炎 (COVID-19) 相關的旅遊限制,包括住宿方面的特別限制。預訂前,請查看針對該地點所發佈的國家級、地區級和健康警示。



  • 套房


    • 70 平方米
    • 最多可入住 3 人 (包括小童在內)
    • 1 張標準雙人床 或 2 張單人床
  • 別墅, 2 間臥室, 私人泳池


    • 200 平方米
    • 最多可入住 5 人 (包括小童在內)
    • 2 張標準雙人床 或 1 張標準雙人床及 2 張單人床
  • 別墅, 1 間臥室, 私人泳池


    • 140 平方米
    • 最多可入住 3 人 (包括小童在內)
    • 1 張標準雙人床
5 分評分,優異;59 篇評價中有 37 篇
5 - 優異 63%
4 分評分,不錯;59 篇評價中有 17 篇
4 - 不錯 29%
3 分評分,不錯;59 篇評價中有 2 篇
3 - 不錯 3%
2 分評分,差;59 篇評價中有 2 篇
2 - 差 3%
1 分評分,很差;59 篇評價中有 1 篇
1 - 很差 2%









5/5 優異

Happy face icon讚好:整潔度、員工與服務、住宿狀況及設施和客房舒適度
Great little spot!
We absolutely loved our stay here. The rooms are lovely, the pool was great and all of the staff are super friendly.

5/5 優異

Happy face icon讚好:整潔度、員工與服務、住宿狀況及設施和客房舒適度
Great place to stay!!
Really enjoyed the villa and will definitely be back!! Super close to the beach, restaurants, shops, and very quiet!!
於 2018 年 3 月住了 3 晚

5/5 優異

Happy face icon讚好:整潔度、員工與服務、住宿狀況及設施和客房舒適度
One of the best hotels we have ever stayed in.
The room was very clean and staff service excellent. It was my Birthday while we stayed and the staff brought out a cake and song to me, so nice they make you feel so special.
於 2018 年 2 月住了 3 晚

5/5 優異

Happy face icon讚好:整潔度、員工與服務、住宿狀況及設施和客房舒適度
lovely staff made the stay wonderful
the hotel is in need of some updates, especially in the bathroom of the suites, however the villas are great. the staff are wonderful and could not do more to make the stay memorable. The pool is quite small however for the size of the hotel it is fine. Little things the staff did were wonderful, including bringing glasses of iced water to you whilst sitting by the pool as the thought you would like one. The breakfast was wonderful, and the food was overall very good. prices for food and drink were reasonable and very often we would eat in the hotel rather than go out.
於 2017 年 12 月住了 8 晚

5/5 優異

Happy face icon讚好:整潔度、員工與服務、住宿狀況及設施和客房舒適度
Good Stay.
Annora is along Jalan Cumpunk Tanduk. Location is good near to La Planca, Seminyak Beach. I reabt a bike to move around in Bali. Everything is awesom. Staff is well trained and come to our request all the time. Pool was clean. However i found that the living room of the villa there was no fan. So its was kind of hot at the villa. I have to move to the room to get myself cold. The rest were good. I have afternoon tea at my villa too. Was good was i had a flaoting breakfest at the pool. Awesoom.
於 2018 年 1 月住了 1 晚

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