By Expedia, on 19 November, 2020

Most Hong Konger’s Hit Their ‘Tripping Point’ Less Than 14 Days After Travel Lockdown Our Survey Says

Our recent travel survey has revealed that vacation-loving Hong Kong people hit their “Tripping Point” within the first fortnight of COVID restrictions back in March that closed borders and dashed travel plans.

What is a ‘Tripping Point’ you might ask?  Well, we define the “Tripping Point” as the point at which the day-to-day balance of work, life, kids, errands and household chores simply becomes too much to bear, causing an intense need for a holiday getaway.

Cabin Fever a Real Struggle Among Hongkongers

43% of those surveyed in Hong Kong revealed it took less than 14 days to reach their “Tripping Point” for the need to travel after this year’s lockdown was implemented, and close to 14% experienced the same, on the same of the lockdown announcement. One fourth of Hong Kong people admitted to actively researching for their next trip, despite border closures, within two weeks from when COVID-19 travel bans were first imposed.

Two in three Hongkongers missed travel the most during lockdown

When asked what was missed the most during lockdown, 65% responded travelling, followed by seeing friends and family (53%) and going to big events such as concerts, festivals or weddings (44%). To relieve their vacation deprived “Tripping Point”, almost a third (31%) said they had visited local places of interest, whilst 35% indulged in dreaming of their next destination, with luxury holiday indulgences (30%), and kids and family getaway’s (20%) topping their wish list.

Almost one in two Hongkonger said that needing to escape work pressure drove them to their “Tripping Point”

45% of those questioned said the desire to escape work pressure drove them to their final “Tripping Point”, with 31% citing missing out on their active lifestyle like getting a massage or going to a spa. 19% admitted to missing family, friends or frustrated by travel experiences displayed on social media.

Staycation Serves as an Escape

The opportunity for a local staycation did help ease the pain though, with 29% booking a local staycation within the first seven days of the easing of social distancing rules and 45% of those surveyed making a local booking within the first fortnight.

Our survey also revealed changing post-COVID travel trends with the vast majority of those surveyed (55%) admitted that their next vacation would be an Asian destination, with 16% seeing Europe cities as their next planned trip and only 6% considering the US as a destination. Some 53% of those surveyed said they were more aware of the need for good hygiene and travel safety practices, and 38%  were ready to avoid popular, crowded tourist attractions post-COVID-19.

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*The “Tripping Point” Survey polled a total of 1,000 Hong Kong residents aged between 18-45 and was conducted in October 2020, on behalf of Expedia by the independent research company OnePoll.