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Belgrade Zoo which includes flowers and a house
Learn about the intriguing history surrounding this once war-torn city. Explore its fascinating monuments within the walls of the Belgrade Fortress.

As the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade is the country’s hub of commerce, culture and history. It is the site of one of the most important prehistoric cultures of Europe, the Vinča of 5000 B.C. Since these ancient times, Belgrade has passed through many hands, including the Ottoman Empire and, more recently, Yugoslavia. Many of the historical attractions of the city are found within the walls of an immense fortress. 

Visit the well-preserved sixth-century Belgrade Fortress near the city center. Enjoy panoramic views of the city skyline, an island and the convergence of two rivers. Stroll around the ancient walls and learn about their history containing the entire city. See a concert at the historic landmark. In recent years Simply Red, Amy Winehouse and Moby have performed.

Peruse more than 3,000 historical items at the Belgrade Military Museum inside Belgrade Fortress. Relics dating back to the Roman occupancy of the city include swords and shields. The Ružica Church, sitting within the walls, features paintings by a Russian artist. Admire the quaint moss-covered exterior.

Explore Kalemegdan Park, which surrounds the fortress. The large park is perched atop a cliff. Its name translates to “Fortress Plaza.” Amble among the trees and relax on the grass.  

Examine some of the more than 400,000 works of art from Cézanne, Matisse, Picasso, Renoir, Van Gogh, Monet and others at the National Museum of Serbia. Visit the museum at night to see it covered in a majestic purple-and-white glow. See works from Hockney and Warhol at the Museum of Contemporary Art. 

The rivers of the Danube and Sava converge at Belgrade. Parts of the city are hilly. Two mountain ranges sit just to the south. Temperatures fall below freezing in winter, with some snow flurries, while summer is often very hot. Serbian is the language of Belgrade as well as the neighboring countries of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

After a day of sightseeing, make the most of Belgrade’s famous nightlife at one of the bars or discos.

Where to stay in Belgrade

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Stari Grad

4.5/5(63 area reviews)

Unique features of Stari Grad include the live music and art galleries. Make a stop by National Museum or Republic Square while you're exploring the area.

Stari Grad
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Novi Beograd

3.5/5(8 area reviews)

Unique features of Novi Beograd include the river views and spas. Make a stop by Kombank Arena or UŠĆE Shopping Center while you're exploring the area.

Novi Beograd
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Savski Venac