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Victoria Peak Tower showing modern architecture, a high-rise building and a city
With its bright lights, non-stop activity and Chinese and British traditions, this modern city highlights any visit to Southeast Asia.

The city of Hong Kong pulsates with energy, from swanky clubs on tall towers in Central to narrow lanes in Wan Chai. Climb aboard ferries, double-decker buses and old-fashioned trams for exciting rides as you travel to fascinating neighborhoods on the island and beyond.

You’ll likely arrive in Hong Kong at the modern airport built on land reclaimed from the ocean. Get a quick ride to Hong Kong Island on the Airport Express if you’re staying in the city or stop along the way at Disneyland Hong Kong for family fun.

On Hong Kong Island, Central features high-end shopping and dining as well as narrow lanes lined by small stalls. Go to Causeway Bay for horseracing at Happy Valley Racecourse and concerts and rugby games at Hong Kong Stadium.

The white-and-green boats of the Star Ferry line traveling across Victoria Harbour since 1898 provide a quick and affordable passage between the island and Kowloon, offering excellent views of the tall towers of Hong Kong’s beautiful skyline. For aerial views, enjoy a funicular ride on the Hong Kong Peak Tram to Victoria Peak, where you can see boats in the harbor and lights in the city.

From year-end through early spring, Hong Kong’s tall buildings put up multistory lighted displays for Christmas and Chinese New Year. Year round, visit excellent city-wide restaurants serving dim sum, noodle dishes, regional Chinese specialties, international cuisine or British high tea. Visit small temples tucked away across the city.

Complementing its big-city atmosphere, Hong Kong is also surprisingly supportive of outdoor activities. On Lantau Island, ride the Ngong Ping 360 gondola to Po Lin Monastery and the Tian Tan Buddha and wander back down the mountain. Hike the hills of Kowloon to Sai Kung. Play golf on Kau Sai Chau Island. Even Hong Kong Island has excellent hiking, including Dragon’s Back trail through Shek O Country Park. Venture into New Territories and outlying islands for more hiking, restaurants, festivals and fascinating neighborhoods.

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Popular cities in Hong Kong SAR

Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Known for Shopping, Business and Islands

Reasons to visit

  • Ocean Park
  • Happy Valley Race Course
  • Victoria Park
Kowloon which includes food, street scenes and a bar
Known for Shopping, Dining and Ports
One of Hong Kong’s busiest and most densely populated areas has famous shopping precincts alongside some of the city’s most peaceful locations.

Reasons to visit

  • Sky 100
  • Temple Street Night Market
  • Harbour City
Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery showing a temple or place of worship and religious elements
Sha Tin
Known for Shopping, Friendly people and Dining

Reasons to visit

  • New Town Plaza
  • Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery
  • Che Kung Temple
Hong Kong Wetland Park featuring wetlands and a garden
Yuen Long
Known for Shopping, Friendly people and Dining

Reasons to visit

  • Hong Kong Wetland Park
  • Ping Shan Heritage Trail
Sai Kung which includes mountains, tranquil scenes and landscape views
Sai Kung
Known for Family-friendly, Business and Shopping
Take a break from the bustling city streets to visit this charming fishing town, known for its casual seafood restaurants and nearby hiking trails.

Popular places to visit

Hong Kong SAR