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Macau SAR
An intriguing blend of Cantonese and Portuguese cultures, this autonomous region of China is packed with luxury hotels, duty-free shops and high-class casinos.

Although it has garnered the nickname “the Vegas of China” due to its abundance of casinos, Macau is much more than just a gambling hub. Filled with ancient temples and opulent hotels, Macau is an exciting mix of the traditional and the modern. Be awed by its glitzy cityscape, which spreads out along the Pearl River Delta.

Don’t miss one of Macau’s most famous historic landmarks, the Ruins of St. Paul’s. Originally built in the 16th century, the church and college complex was almost completely burned down in 1835 and only the façade now remains. Explore the on-site museum and examine the religious artifacts and paintings on display.

Largo do Senado is one of Macau’s most popular shopping and dining squares. Pick up a souvenir from the markets here and browse the designer shopping outlets. The most famous and iconic hotel on Macau’s Cotai Strip is The Venetian. Take a gondola ride down the replica Grand Canal at this Venice-themed casino resort.

For a spectacular 360-degree view of Macau’s skyline, head for Macau Tower’s 730-foot (220-meter) tall observation deck. The tower features an outdoor skywalk too and bungee jumping can also be arranged.

Find out more about Macau’s history at Macau Museum, located in Mount Fortress, an old defense structure, in the heart of the city. Discover more about the history and culture of Macau during one of the English-language tours held three times a week.

Macau was a Portuguese colony for more than three centuries, a fact that is very much reflected in its cuisine. Try caldo verde (cabbage soup) and Portuguese egg tarts, a sweet egg custard in a pastry shell, as well as Chinese staples such as congee, a savory rice porridge.

Macau International Airport services all international flights that arrive and depart in Macau. From there, ride a shuttle bus into the city center and then discover Macau easily on foot. Public buses and taxis are readily available.

Discover a region that offers ritzy and glamorous attractions as well as historic sights and colonial ruins.

Popular cities in Macau SAR

Known for Dining, Casinos and Historical

Reasons to visit

  • Lisboa Casino
  • Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral
  • Macau Fisherman's Wharf
Known for Dining, Shopping and Casinos

Reasons to visit

  • Venetian Macao Casino
  • Cotai Strip
  • The Londoner Macao Casino