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Frequently asked questions

Where can I learn more about changing or canceling my flight to Jawa Timur?
For more information about updating your flight to Jawa Timur or canceling it, head over to our Customer Service Portal.
How do I find cheap flights to Jawa Timur that have flexible change policies?
Many airlines offer the option to reschedule your flight without a change fee. All you pay is the difference between the original flight and the new flight you select. When you’re searching for flights to Jawa Timur, you’ll see a “no change fees” filter for you to select.
Can I fly to Jawa Timur now?
Make your visit to Jawa Timur take off without a hitch by first heading to our Covid-19 Travel Advisor. This is the fastest way to keep yourself up-to-date about current travel restrictions, including quarantine requirements and the latest official health advisory info.
What is the name of Jawa Timur's airport?
Jawa Timur has only one airport, Juanda Airport (SUB).
What airport is best to fly into Jawa Timur?
There are two main airports that connect the world with Jawa Timur. Juanda Airport (SUB) is approximately 72 kilometres from downtown, while Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport is around 8 kilometres away. As soon as you take a look at prices and work out where you’re staying, you’ll have more of an idea of which one you should touchdown at.
How many airlines fly to Jawa Timur?
There are 15 air carriers connecting Jawa Timur to 24 airports from all over the globe.
Which airlines fly to Jawa Timur?
In general, travelers choose to fly with Lion Air, Batik Air and Citilink when heading off to Jawa Timur. The largest number of these flights originate in Jakarta, with Lion Air servicing this route the most frequently.
How many nonstop flights are there to Jawa Timur?
Planning an awesome Jawa Timur adventure is child’s play when there are 1,145 direct flights each week to pick from.
Where are the most popular flights to Jawa Timur departing from?
Travelers frequently jet off from Jakarta, Makassar and Denpasar airports when going to Jawa Timur.
How long is the flight to Jawa Timur Airport?
If you’re flying to Jawa Timur from Jakarta, you’re looking at a flight duration of 1 hour and 33 minutes. Those departing from Makassar can expect to be on the plane for 1 hour and 34 minutes. From Denpasar it’s about 1 hour and 1 minute away.
How to book the cheapest flight to Jawa Timur?
If you’d like to have some extra spending money on your trip to Jawa Timur, then listen up! As any seasoned traveler will tell you, don’t leave booking until the last minute. Prices are usually more expensive close to the departure date. Another easy way to get the best price is to compare all options. If your destination has several airports, be sure to research the cost of flying into a smaller terminal. Finally, another easy way to save some money is be ready to book fast. If you come across an amazing bargain, don’t hold off — snap it up while you’ve got the chance.
How to survive the flight to Jawa Timur?
If you’re poorly prepared, traveling can be testing. But there’s no need to panic. Follow these handy hints and enjoy a pleasant start to your time in Jawa Timur.What to pack in your hand luggage:

  • The trick to having a hassle-free flight experience is to pack in advance. So, let’s start with the essentials: passport, travel docs, cash and any vital medications. Next, take on board items that’ll help keep you entertained, like some electronic devices or a good read. It’s also smart to pack your chargers, a neck pillow and a pair of headphones. Last but not least, be sure to chuck in toiletries like a toothbrush, deodorant and a fresh change of clothes.

Do not pack the following items in your hand luggage:

  • Check carefully that you don’t have sharp objects (like a knife or scissors) lurking in the bottom of your carry-on luggage. Other banned items include flammable or explosive goods, such as bleach and fuel, and gels and liquids in containers with a capacity of more than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters).

What to wear on a flight:

  • The long, narrow aisles of an airplane are not the best place for a fashion parade. Layer up with comfy clothing and remember to bring a cardigan as it tends to get cool in the cabin on long-haul flights. Slightly roomy, flat shoes are also a wise idea.
  • Unfortunately, a risk of flying long-haul is developing DVT (deep vein thrombosis), a blood clot condition caused by extended periods of inactivity. To prevent this, make the most of every opportunity to stretch your legs and walk around the cabin. Compression socks and tights are another simple way to help reduce this risk.

How to get through airport security fast when flying to Jawa Timur?
It’s all about being prepared. We’ve put together some top tips for a speedy trip through airport security. Watch out Jawa Timur, here you come:

  • Airport security personnel first need to establish that you have a valid ID and matching boarding pass before you’re allowed to proceed any further. Have them ready to show.
  • After that, both you and your hand luggage will be X-rayed. To make the process quick and painless, remove anything that is likely to set the alarm off. Items like your jacket, belt and earphones will be required to go through the machine.
  • Your electronic gadgets like phones and laptops will also have to go on a tray for inspection. Don’t worry, you’ll be back online soon enough.
  • Can’t travel without your favorite perfume or cologne? As long as the volume is no greater than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) and it’s stored in a zip-lock bag, you can keep it with you in your carry-on.
  • Slip-on shoes are a clever footwear choice as you’re less likely to be asked to remove them when going through security. Boots and other heavy shoes are usually subjected to extra screening.
  • Pocket knives and other sharp items can’t be taken on board. They’ll be confiscated at security, so pack them in your checked baggage.

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