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Niue featuring coral

Explore welcoming villages, tropical forests and underwater wonderlands at this little island nation built upon a coral atoll in the Pacific Ocean.

There’s plenty of paradise in Niue, one of the world’s smallest countries. The Pacific island nation is known for its beautiful natural attractions and friendly locals. Visit the island for adventure, indulgence and a special connection with nature.

The 1,500 Niueans who call the island home are spread across 14 villages within the country’s 104-square-mile (269-square-kilometer) landmass. Polynesians from Tonga and Samoa settled here a thousand years ago. Locals were hostile to Captain James Cook when he attempted to land in 1774, but the island was still to become a British colony. Niue became a self-governing nation associated with New Zealand by 1974.

While Captain Cook saw Niue as a “savage island,” today the nation is known for its warm hospitality and cultural wealth. It’s not uncommon for passersby to wave at one another on the street. Check out Niue’s regular markets to see weaving demonstrations or join Sunday mass to hear the stirring music of the singers. Relax in local cafés and bars to chat with residents while taking in the tropical views.

Niue’s foundations are made of porous limestone, lending it the nickname “The Rock.” As one of the world’s biggest raised coral atolls, Niue does not have any waterways or lakes. Alluring rock pools, leafy tropical woods and intriguing geological wonders cover the island. Most areas are easily accessible on your own or with a tour group.

If it’s snorkeling and diving you want, you’ll find clear waters and magnificent marine life off the coast of Niue. Swim in the warm waters, sail on a boat or simply sit on the foreshore and you might see spinner dolphins, as well as a migrating humpback whales from July to October.

Niue is well equipped for tourism, with plenty of places to stay. Niuean and English are both spoken on the island. The weather is at its mildest between April and November. Get an unforgettable experience of the island at one of the annual village festivals. Reach Niue by plane from New Zealand and rent a car to enjoy the island at your leisure.

Popular cities in Niue

Hikutavake which includes coral
Known for Natural parks and Monuments
See rugged limestone cliffs and swim in a deep ocean channel in this stunning region of geological landmarks and forest-fringed coastline.

Reasons to visit

  • Limu
  • Talava Arches
  • Matapa Chasm
Alofi showing a coastal town and general coastal views
Known for Islands, Recreation and Cafes
Discover laidback cafés, delicious local food and exciting charter boat tours when you visit reef-fringed Niue’s capital city.