Terracota Army featuring heritage elements and interior views
Learn about China’s industrial revolution and silk trade and study the warrior statues in a province where dynasties rose and fell.

Shaanxi has a scenic countryside and intriguing cities. The Yellow River and the Qinling Mountains are dramatic features decorating the topography, while the terracotta warriors enhance the cultural side. See the many wonders in the cities and enjoy the tranquility of the vast swaths of rural terrain.

Visit the city of Xi’an for a glimpse of its extensive history, dating back 3,000 years. It was the capital city for several dynasties and is the eastern terminus of the Silk Road, cementing its role as historical cornerstone of China. Inspect the Terracotta Army in the eastern outskirts of the city. The site comprises three pits with thousands of statues of soldiers, chariots and horses.

Back in the city center, visit the Xi’an City Walls, which have been restored to their 39-foot (12-meter) height. Explore the impressive exhibits on display in the Shaanxi History Museum. Climb to the top of the leaning Daqin Pagoda for excellent views.

Try local Shaanxi cuisine, which is heavy with pork and lamb. Duck and beef are also popular, with local spices and thick Biangbiang noodles.

For a change of scenery, travel to Mount Hua, with tall peaks that rise above the clouds. Follow the steep trail up to the summit from nearby Hua Shan. Expect heavy rains from August through October, following the hot summer.

Explore the nearby city of Huayin, where you’ll find such gems as Jintian Palace and Yuquan Courtyard of Huashan. Visit Yan’an for its communist history and Yulin for its preserved Old Town and remaining parts of the Great Wall of China.

The province is in the central part of China, just west of Henan and east of Ningxia. Get a flight to the Xi’an-Xianyang International Airport and take a shuttle bus to get around the city. Consider renting a car to traverse the region or take a train from the Xi’an Railway Station.

As the cradle of Chinese dynasties and industries, Shaanxi is full of fascinating sights.

Popular cities in Shaanxi