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Blanca Beach showing landscape views and a sandy beach
Rolling mountains, verdant jungles,tropical islands, colonial cities and welcoming locals make this South Americancountry an extraordinary travel destination.

Colombia is a friendly country with immense geographical and cultural diversity. Relax on palm-lined beaches, hike through coffee plantations, spot wildlife amid lush rainforests and experience festive culture. Colombia sits in the northwest corner of South America, looking out to the glorious waters of the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean.

Colombia’s towns and cities offer a glimpse into the country’s history and culture. The capital, Bogotá, is famous for its colonial-era Old Town La Candelaria neighborhood and pulsating nightlife. Learn to dance the salsa and be part of carnival celebrations in Cali. Visit the art galleries and parks of Medellín, nicknamed the City of Eternal Spring. Discover colonial monuments and traditional Semana Santa (Easter) festivities in Popayán. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage sites of historic Mompox.

Embark on an adventure in Colombia’s stunning natural landscapes. Go to the Andean town of San Gil for white-water rafting and paragliding. Hike to glacial lakes and snowcapped mountains in Parque Nacional El Cocuy. Discover Colombia’s coffee-growing culture as you walk through the picturesque plantations of the Zona Cafetera. Join a multi-day trek to the magnificent archaeological ruins of Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City).

In the southeast, Leticia is the gateway to the jungle and rainforests of the Colombian Amazon. Experience Colombia’s cowboy culture amid the plains of the easterly Orinoquía region. Ride on horseback to the ancient tombs of Tierradentro.

Colombia is the only South American country with a Pacific and Caribbean coastline. Find crystal-clear water and pristine beaches at Santa Marta, Taganga and carnival-loving Barranquilla. Admire the colonial port of Cartagena and visit the stunning Rosario Islands. Enjoy excellent diving and snorkeling at the Caribbean islands of San Andrés and Providencia. Spot humpback whales at Bahia Solano.

Having overcome years of civil turmoil, Colombia is now a safe county to travel. You’ll find enhanced security conditions and an excellent infrastructure of transport and tourism services. Colombians have a reputation as being some of South America’s kindest people and visitors are warmly welcomed.

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