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St Ouen featuring a sandy beach, a coastal town and general coastal views

Top places to visit

1. St Brelade's Bay Beach

St. Brelade’s Bay Beach is perhaps the most popular and iconic stretch of sand on the island of Jersey. The medieval edifices of the Parish Church of St. Brelade and Fisherman’s Chapel decorate the beach’s northwestern corner, while hotels, spas and cafés are at its rear. Capture photos of the jagged green headlands enclosing the bay in the distance.
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St Brelade\'s Bay Beach featuring a beach and general coastal views

2. St. Helier Beach

St. Helier Beach is a charming crescent of soft sand with a long pier stretching into the town’s marina. Dramatic tides and rock pools characterize the strand, which offers an unobstructed vista of Elizabeth Castle. Stroll along the waterfront with your family and stop at one of the hotels and restaurants overlooking the sea.
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St. Helier Beach showing a castle and general coastal views

3. Jersey War Tunnels - German Underground Hospital

The Jersey War Tunnels site paints a picture of the defenseless island during its German occupation in World War II. The museum features more than 0.6 miles (1 kilometer) of tunnels built to withstand potential Allied bombardment. Inspect the profound exhibits and put yourself in the mind of a Jersey resident in those dark times.
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Jersey War Tunnels - German Underground Hospital showing heritage elements and interior views

4. St. Helier Central Market

Enclosed within a cast iron structure from the island’s Victorian era, St. Helier Central Market showcases some of the local culture with colorful flowers and a great range of local produce. Rising from its core is a majestic fountain, whose base contains a shimmering school of goldfish. Let the colorful display of fruit, vegetable and plants light up your senses as you enter the market.
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St. Helier Central Market which includes markets and flowers

5. Jersey Zoo

Enchanting Jersey Zoo has a long and storied legacy of caring for animals. The family-friendly attraction was created by celebrated nature writer Gerald Durrell as a way to promote conservation. Visit today to encounter a colorful array of creatures and to learn about the best ways to look after these beautiful animals.
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Jersey Zoological Park which includes a pond and a bridge as well as an individual female

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